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Written by Robert M on 11. Jun, 2018
Thanks Maddy for our adorable puppy Ruby. She is so happy, healthy, loving and playful. You really have brought joy to our lives - we can't thank you enough for all your advice, the photos along the way, our first meet-and-greet. Just perfect.
Written by Andrew, Michelle and Phoebe on 7. Jun, 2018
Luna Lou is now two years old. We just love her to bits. Great personality and loves loads of cuddles. She's a cheeky monkey too sometimes. Thanks Maddie for all your help and advice too.
Written by Linda and Troy Rutz on 7. Jan, 2018
It's been almost 8 years since little Baci joined our family. Baci is still our little bundle of joy bringing smiles to everyone that meets her.
Written by Rachel on 16. Oct, 2017
Hi Maddy
Look at Coco now! She's now 4 years old and still such a beautiful girl. We love her so much and is completely spoilt. Such a great member of our family and goes everywhere with us, life would be the same without her. Hope you doing well, nice to check in and see all the new pics of other fur babies.
Written by Kelly C on 14. Aug, 2017
This is our little man Roger who is ten weeks old. He is full of energy, a bit cheeky and very cuddly. Big thanks to Maddy, you were so helpful with your advice that has enabled Roger to settle into his new home so well. We would definitely recommend Simply Black Schnauzers!!
Written by Gayle on 9. Aug, 2017
This is my gorgeous Ruby who is about 4 months old. Ruby is the second pup I have had from Maddy- my handsome Rufus is jet black and now about 21 months old.Both dogs are amazing- smart, loving, cheeky and with great temperaments. They are best buddies and constantly playing. I cannot recommend Maddy's puppies highly enough.
Written by Shelley Moore on 6. Jul, 2017
This is Arlo, our little B&S super hero who joined us in late May 2017
Written by Evelyn on 28. Jun, 2017
Hi Maddy, our boys Jed and Bowie have well and truly settled in. Can't wait to be able to take them for walks to the park.
Written by Sarah on 22. Sep, 2016
We are so happy with our gorgeous miniature puppy Harry. Thank you so much Maddie! Harry has such a sweet, kind, affectionate, funny & happy personality. Harry is now 17 weeks old and has settled into our family so quickly. We love him so much!! We can't imagine our family without him! Harry has such a beautiful temperament and has been so patient with our young children. Thank you Maddie. You were so lovely and helpful & we appreciated your help and kindness so much.
Warm regards, Sarah
Written by Reece Milosevic on 12. Aug, 2016
Hi Maddy Humphrey is doing great he was shy at first but now the bravest dog that wants to see the world. He's great couldn't live without him. Thank you for your help and support. Great breeder :)
Written by john biordi on 6. Aug, 2016
Hi ...I would you to meet Elsa our 10 week old miniature schnauzer princess... she makes our family complete...;-))) thanks to maddy for breeding dogs with a fantastic temperament. Elsa has been amazing. she is cheeky and intelligent at the same time...;-)))
Written by helen on 5. Feb, 2016
Zola at the beach for her daily run
Written by Janine Bransgrove on 1. Feb, 2016
Our gorgeous Max who is now 1 and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has the most pleasant temperament and has bonded with our other pet members (3 cats!). Our son who was previously scared of dogs now calls Max his best friend. Thank you Maddy.
Written by Amelia on 23. Nov, 2015
Renley and Cilla, the inseparable duo
Written by Helen on 10. Sep, 2015
Zola Showgirl growing up becoming a valued member of the family.
Takes pride of place and dressed accordingly